Taiwo Herz – T.A.Y.E Outro

The song list on The Amazing Yahweh Experience worship collection Album by Taiwo Herz gets a wrap as Taiwo Herz drops this last song on the collection, titled – T.A.Y.E Outro.

Weird name, huh?

But this is song is fire to the bones and life to the ears!

The genre of this music is quite different from the preceding songs as it featured EDM vamps and a fusion of dubstep and trap rhythms… This is pure ear candy!

This is the kind of song you play on your car stereo and you feel like going over 170MPH! For real!!!

The energy is 🔥🔥🔥

Taiwo Herz really put in his elements in this song as the adlibs are right on point and the backing vocals are just sitting in the right tunes!

This is definitely a blast and its one of our numerous favorites from this #TAYE album. Its not hype, it is Worth!

Let us know what you think!

Click on the Download icon on the ReverbNation widget below to download this song!

If the panel is taking too long to load, please click here to download the song fast. (You will be redirected to a ReverbNation page where you can download all the #TAYE songs.

Listen to T.A.Y.E Outro ft Taiwo Herz on #SoundCloud


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