OTG Music actually started out as a wish for Taiwo Herz to have his own music studio, where he could comfortably make his own music with his unique wild touches.

Well, he got his wish because there, in a little town called ‘Denro’ on the outskirts of Lagos, Nigeria, he set up his little production base and inadvertently got himself the name ‘Oga OTG’.

Due to his very neat, conservative volume and piano-freaked-Out rhythms, he got a large client base as artistes from all over Ogun and Lagos State seek him out for music production services.

Taiwo Herz is actually a singer by the stage-nick TEEZY. But the need to monetize his beat-making and mixing skills made him a commercial music producer.

OTG Music Studio currently provides basic music production needs such as Beats/instrumentals, song writing and conceptualisation, recording, mixing, mastering of songs, movie sound tracks, voice overs or radio jingles, audio documentary production, etc.

That is the basically the beginning for OTG Music. More posts will drop in here on our journey through the music shades, so check in more often to see if we can help you achieve something with your music too.


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