TAYE – Greater (ft. Taiwo Herz)

As we draw closer to the final songs on the TAYE Collection, we are already excited because we can physically feel the impact of the album already. But here, we do not conclude because the best is yet to come, so we move on to the 11th song on the collection, titled ‘Greater‘ featuring Taiwo Herz.

The soft rock genre of the song, which is characteristic of the album is definitely a great flow which has the tendencies of being both a great meditation tune and also a good bop. We love this song and we are sure that you would too.

And great news for the musicians out there: Taiwo Herz revealed on the WhatsApp convo chat yesterday that he would be making available the karaoke versions of all the songs in the #TAYE album, so minstrels can cop it and use for solo ministrations, rehearsals, covers or any other performance related move.

And speaking of our song for today: below is a download link for the song.

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Listen to TAYE – Greater (ft Taiwo Herz) by OTGMusicNG #np on #SoundCloud

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#TAYE – You Are Great (ft. Taiwo Herz)

You are Great‘ is the tenth song in the TAYE worship collection, led by Taiwo Herz. This time, we are going rock and roll!

Definitely not heavy metal, but the laid back, calm vocals of Taiwo Herz accented the hard distortion guitar rhythm of the music to make it a blend of Metal and Soft Rock.

Simple, riveting lyrics and chants makes the song catchy to the first time listener plus the sweet vocal leads and adlibs from Teezy makes the song captivating.

This is one of the best songs on the album. We also strongly believe that the best is yet to come as we have two songs left to be released.

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My Name is God – TAYE (ft. Taiwo Herz)

This is the 9th song on the #TAYE worship collection, and this is definitely one of the already several hit songs in the album. This piano ballad, with lead vocals from Taiwo Herz is definitely a hot pick. A most likely Evergreen. Songs like this can never be forgotten!

The lyrics are precise and straight to the point and they blend with the mood of the song, accented by a soft grand piano accompaniment. This is an early morning/late night song as the calm melody has comforting and soothing effects on the mind.

The Amazing Yahweh Experience worship collection wouldn’t have have been complete without a song like this! This song put the icing on the Cake.

Click on the DOWNLOAD icon on the ReverbNation panel below to download ‘My Name Is God by TAYE (ft. Taiwo Herz).

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You could stream from SoundCloud below: https://soundcloud.com/taiwoherz/taye-my-name-is-god-ft-taiwo

Download/Stream: Amazing God – TAYE

Amazing God is the 8th drop from ‘The Amazing Yahweh Experience’ Worship collection written by Taiwo Herz.

This song features Taiwo Herz on the lead vocals, riding on the rhythms and licks from vintage lead guitars, drone pads, piano and strings, all bringing together a sweet tune that ushers in the atmospheric vocals of the backup singers into a perfect blend for worship.

Amazing God‘ is a beautiful song to have on your playlist and is definitely on our list of Top Worship songs for this weekend.

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Listen to Amazing God by TAYE on SoundCloud

TAYE – I Depend On You (ft. Omolayo Olawale)

The Amazing Yahweh Experience (TAYE) is a collection of worship songs written and produced by Taiwo Herz.

Every week since the beginning of the project, a #TAYE song drops on Friday by 8pm and so far, we have released 6 songs with the 7th dropping right now!

‘I Depend on You’ is a song of passionate supplication, based off the story of The blind Bartimeus and Jesus, where the former cried out and asked Jesus to have mercy on him and heal him. Likewise, the songwriter is applying the same passion to call on the Son of David to Have mercy and change his life for good and make his life complete.

This song is also blessed with a special feature from Omolayo Olawale, (an ex-Project Fame housemate, Worship Minister and National music Director of the Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria).

This song is one of our favorites as it features Taiwo Herz’s calm-wild tunes and sonorous adlibs and pitches from Omolayo Olawale.

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You could also stream the song from SoundCloud here:

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Good Vibes Always!

T.A.Y.E – I Plead The Blood (ft. Taiwo Herz)

The next song in the #TAYE worship collection is here and its in a super prayerful and spiritual mode!

The song features vintage Taiwo Herz in his element, dishing out prayerful vibes on powerful, hooking instrumental, sizzling syncopations and some awesome chants.

Its a great song to start the year with and it’s sure to get you in the mood of prayer anytime you need it.

This is the sixth song in the #TAYE worship collection and its a great choice for your worship playlists for 2018.

Click on the download icon on the ReverbNation widget below to Download ‘I Plead The Blood’ ft Taiwo Herz.

You can also stream the song from sound cloud below!

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T.A.Y.E – We Need You (Ft. Lugard Ebighe)

The Amazing Yahweh Experience has risen up a notch this past week with the Album placing the #TAYE Band at the 950th spot on the global Charts of ReverbNation’s top 1000 Alternative music Artistes!

This is also coming in time with the drop of the next worship song in the collection, ‘We Need You‘ featuring Lugard Ebighe; a worshipper, a Masterpiece minstrel and a Certified Optician by Profession!

He is the Host of the Yearly DGMB (Denro Gospel Music Blast) AKA- ‘O Loud gan!’, Of which the next edition is coming up on the 26th! Next week! We can make it a date to be at this third edition! Live at Ariyo Estate, Denro, Via Ojodu-Akute Road. The T.A.Y.E crew will also grace the occasion along with other beautifully anointed and carefully selected minstrels.

We Need You by T.A.Y.E is one of our favorite songs off this album and we believe that the best is still yet to come for the #T.A.Y.E crew.

Our difficult-to-please review team are on their feet for this particular worship song and we also think the T.A.Y.E crew has really Exceeded expectations with these first four tracks off the 12-song collection.

We Need You’ features amazing vocal delivery by Lugard Ebighe and back up vocals from Omolayo Olawale and Taiwo Herz, which makes the song magical in chemistry.

Words can’t quantify or qualify hardwork. That’s why they say ‘Real Recognises Real‘! You have to download the song to understand all these grammar we’ve been writing since. So let us know what you think about the song in the comment section. The artistes are watching!

Click the Reverbnation Widget Below to download ‘We Need You’ by T.A.Y.E (ft Lugard Ebighe).

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Stream from SoundCloud below!

If you need any assistance with downloading all the T.A.Y.E songs or you would love to join or relate with the T.A.Y.E family, please join the Whatsapp Group by clicking the link below!


T.A.Y.E – Alagbara (ft Omolayo Olawale & Lugard Ebighe)

Ever since the drop of ‘Amazing Yahweh‘ featuring Taiwo Herz last week, we could hardly wait for the drop of Alagbara, but finally, here we go!

Our review team are crazy about the song and it has been on repeat on both our own playlists here and our reviewers’ song of the week!

From Omolayo’s sonorous pitches to Lugard’s high notes, down to Taiwo’s tenor frills and his solid backup fills, we don’t know which to point as our favorite part of the song! We just love every bit of it, and we look forward to more collaborations like this!

Download the song by clicking the download icon on the Reverbnation widget below. You could also stream it on YouTube or stream it from SoundCloud as you prefer!

TAYE – Alagbara (ft Omolayo Olawale & Lugard Ebighe)




Amazing Yahweh ft Taiwo Herz (Lyrics + Video)

Check out the lyrics video to Amazing Yahweh by the #TAYE crew ft Taiwo Herz.

You are brighter than the stars
Greater than the skies
Deeper than the ocean.
You’re amazing, you’re amazing.
Name Above all names,
Mighty God you reign
All I’ve come to say is
You’re amazing, you’re Amazing,

Amazing Yahweh, Amazing Yahweh…


Verse (first half in unison and 2nd half I’m parts)

Chorus 3ce

Audience Refrain

Chorus 3ce

Click the download icon from the widget below to download the song. You can also stream it from the reverbnation widget or from the soundcloud widget.

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