Wizkid – Fool For You (Cover/Remix by Teezy)

Teezy is really taking big steps as he drops yet another cover/remix from another Nigerian superstar, Wizkid.

Fool for You by Wizkid was originally in Hi-Life/AfroPop genre but Teezy created a different genre for the song and came out with ragga/reggae which gave more vibe to the tune.

Click the link below to download/stream Wizkid’s ‘Fool For You’ cover/remix by Teezy.


Catching Feelings by Teezy is the first song on the ‘This Is Teezy’ Album.

At first listen, you would think Teezy has turned carribean in talent because the song features a ragga style feel, and his spikey vocals tingles unexpected high notes which makes you automatically hit the repeat button.

Catching Feelings shows promise as it could be one of the biggest songs of 2017.

Click Here To Download 


Teezy (Taiwo Herz) has released a solo album titled ‘This Is Teezy’. This album is has 10 songs in it and in our own description of it, each and every of the songs are LEGENDARY.

A lot of people may doubt that fact because Teezy is not yet one of the acclaimed A-List celebrity artistes, but one thing is sure about this 34-minute album. It will make you realize that some of these unknown artistes we overlook are the best brains in the industry.

The song list on the album are:

  • Catching Feelings
  • One Time
  • One And Only
  • This Feeling
  • Come Thru
  • Another Reason
  • Bless Up
  • Low
  • Don’t Stop
  • Alafia

Click Here To Download 


We have decided to veto on it and make the entire This Is Teezy album our playlist of the month.

Apart from sentiments, it actually deserves such a recognition and more. You might not agree but if you would listen to the album through this link below, it might change your mind.

Listen to THIS IS TEEZY by Teezy (Taiwo Herz) #np on #SoundCloud

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